Tomos Targa LX Fork Lock Replacement

I bought a (Tomos OEM Fork Lock and Key Set for post 2003 models - 229293) from Moped Division, but when I went to replace it I realized that the fork lock mounting area is different than what I expected. There is no small set screw, or broken screw that is used to set the locking mechanism in place like I have seen in most materials on the Tomos fork locks.

Instead there is a narrow channel running along the outside bottom of the lock housing. I have not found anything else around the outside of the lock housing.

It looks like the lock housing is filled with a solid plug of copper, that has been partially drilled through(see pic). This does not look like it was originally a functioning lock.

Has anyone had any experience with this, or know of any way I can get the original copper plug out and what fork lock replacement would work? I am desperate, cant find anything on this particular problem. Thanks in advance.

IMG_20190215_150901933 (1).jpg

Re: Tomos Targa LX Fork Lock Replacement

Additional pick of lock housing


Re: Tomos Targa LX Fork Lock Replacement

i think the pin that holds the swing door holds the lock in place as well.

Re: Tomos Targa LX Fork Lock Replacement

Most of the old lock is still in there. Think u gotta pull that pin out.

Re: Tomos Targa LX Fork Lock Replacement

They drilled in the wrong spot, got to drill up in the skinny part.,4173789,4173882#msg-4173882

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