Jawa X30 petcock

Where can I find a jawa x30 petcock?


Re: Jawa X30 petcock

should be same as the 207s, it's a 22x1mm female. it's NOT the same as the toptank Jawa's which ar 16mm.

which doesn't really help cuz you can't find those either.

this looks like the right dimensions but will be big and biger fuel line size


or this is for "jawa" and looks maybe right but I don't see dimensions...


also this might help:


Re: Jawa X30 petcock

I bought mine on eBay. Can you send a picture of the threads on the petcock that screw into the tank. I might have one for sale.

Re: Jawa X30 petcock

I think my thread pattern looked like this.


Re: Jawa X30 petcock

im almost certain the babetta petcock you listed is for the x30. I had to cut the screen off in order to fit it in my tank.

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