79 Columbia Commuter wheels and throttle

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Let me first say that I'm brand new to mopeds and working on any kind of engine. I've been doing research and reading up on the wiki and tutorials and all, but forgive me, I've not yet gotten the lingo down.

I'll start with what I've done so far and then ask my questions.

So the thing started right up when I got it (yeehaw).

I put in a new spark plug, cleaned the carb, cleaned the gas tank.

When I put it back together it started again and seemed to be running a little stronger than before (2x yeehaw).

While trying to get the throttle pin unhooked from the carb for some reason I thought to just remove the throttle from the handlebars and in doing so undid whatever one of the previous owners did to rig the wrong throttle cable into the grip; its way too long and I'm sure this is why the throttle was wonky to begin with.

This leads me to my first question: what should I be looking for when purchasing a new throttle?

I've been searching online for parts and haven't found anything specific to the commuter model (not very surprised)

My second question is about the wheels: they're spoked and rims measure about 18" (I haven't taken them off yet for a more accurate measurement but I'll include pictures).

The back wheel is completely shot the spokes are loose and some are broken, the front seems fine but both wheels wobble like heck.

I'm gonna replace them (and the brakes for that matter) because I don't have the skill or equipment to restore the spokes (maybe later down the line) but I have no idea where to begin.

I understand the wheels and gears and such are not interchangeable with other models necessarily, but I'm having trouble finding the information to point me in the right direction.

I have looked through the wiki about this so maybe I'm missing something, but I'm hoping maybe one of y'all can help me get oriented!

Thanks a lot!!

Below are the pictures I took of the back wheel.


Re: 79 Columbia Commuter wheels and throttle

the tire size is printed on the tire. u can change spokes out once u take tire off, rim strip off, theres a nut that u unscrew. n then step on rim to straighten n the fine tune by truing rim. picts of throttle might help.

Re: 79 Columbia Commuter wheels and throttle

Jarik Hieronymus /

Thanks! I may have jumped the gun by posting this; I did some more research and I’m ordering new spokes very soon.

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