Sound difference between an E50 and ZA50

For the past year I am a proud owner of a Puch Maxi 78 with an E50 and a 2nd Maxi 78 with a ZA50. The E50 runs noticeably quieter than the ZA50 at idle and while running but the ZA50 has a 2nd sound that winds up as the bike increases speed.

Both bikes were stock until this weekend when I installed a 70cc kit on the ZA50 but the sound difference predates that change and the 49cc came out clean. As I lack a point of reference (I have no friends with mopeds) can anyone confirm if that sound difference is to be expected given the transmission difference or something else. Both trans have been opened and look good with new pucks on the ZA50.

If they should sound the same my thoughts go to the crankshaft. What are the signs a new crankshaft is called for?


Scot in Boston

Re: Sound difference between an E50 and ZA50

Probably Fred /

Post a video with good sound of the za50 at idle and at speed

Re: Sound difference between an E50 and ZA50

I've noticed that adding a lightened clutch bell to an e50 will give the trans a different sound, which I assume is from the holes in the bell as they whir through the trans fluid. The e50 and za50 have such different transmissions, even down to the crank bearings, that it makes sense that they sound different to some extent

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