Sebring Build Log/Journal

Hey all! Hope this is the right place to post this sort of thing.

My bike has been sitting in my basement, in need of some serious love, for months. I miss riding it & just want to get back to ripping around after a long day at work. Also dreaming of doing MopedGP as well, looks like y'all have a bunch of fun w/ that.

Anyway, so much love is needed that I'm pretty nervous to start the work, as it's stuff I just straight up do not know how to do.

I thought it might be productive to start a thread here journaling all the work I do & make a list where I start to cross things off 1 by 1, hopefully to the benefit of another newbie who's lurking these threads, as I've done in the past, and to also hopefully get some guidance from folks who know what's up, though I don't want this post to exclusively be me leeching off of the knowledge of others; I want to give back a bit, too.

Since I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing, I'm separating my list of stuff to do into 2 categories: need & want.


- Swap sparkplug.

- Swap points & condenser to Pietcard CDI. (p&c is fully functioning, but my partner's bike needs an ignition, so I'm taking this one & using it on her bike. I also really want some LED lights, baybay)

- Install Polini 80cc kit.

- Swap carb, install new intake & air filter.

- Jetting

- Finish converting rear wheel to sealed cartridge bearings. Haven't found the info I need for finishing this; not sure what the axle/spacer/lock & adjustment nut setup should look like for these De Bernardi acorns.

- Install LED taillight & swap headlight bulb for LED.


- Swap fork & convert front wheel to disc. (my fork is seized as fuuuck, so this might actually belong in the "need" list, as I've almost been bucked off the bike w/ the stock engine, and I'm sure it'll be worse w/ the kit & carb upgrade)

- After fork swap, install clip-ons.

- After handlebars, install new front disc brake, setup a brake light circuit. Also, turn signals.

- Swap exhaust & redo the bracket it attaches to; current setup gets in the way of NDS axle nut.

- Install blue clutch springs.

- Front fairing. So sick. I think an MVR would be amazing on a Sebring.

- Get a dash going w/ speedo, tach & temp.

- Swap rear suspension for something with a lil more "oomph".

Really stoked to get off my ass & follow through with this!

Will probably just start going down the "NEED" list & taking on "WANT" stuff as I'm able to.

I'll probably be fucking up a whole bunch. It'll be fun to watch, I'm sure.

Also, if anyone in Boston feels like hanging out for a minute & taking a look/giving me a hand, hmu. I don't have much $$$, but I do have good soda.

Cool! Thanks all! (edited)


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