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So, I want to check and clean the air filter on my 1990 A3 Bullet. It appears to me that the air filter/intake silencer is inside the frame mounted at the back of the carb. It looks like you have to remove the carb or drop the engine to get to it. Is that possible? I must be missing something.

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you are correct, you have to drop the engine

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jim magera /

Wow. That just seems goofy. Isn't the air filter a regular maintenance item? Thank you!

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Moped Lar (OFMC) /

It’s just a metal screen. I hardly if ever touch them as far as maintenance goes.

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i think u can leave the bottom rear bolt on. clean carb while u in there.

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the air box doesnt really require regular maintenance unless squirells have been in there or something foreign that needs to be cleaned out. you have to partially drop the engine just to remove the carb. I think you have to fully drop to remove the plastic airbox. This link shows the metal mesh filter refered to above and how to remove the carb:

Most people ditch the plastic airbox in the frame and just run this metal mesh filter. if you do that you need to upjet tho. you will notice a very minor performance gain after doing this, adds like maybe 2-3 mph on the top end if youre all tuned right otherwise

This is all assuming you have the Dellorto 14.12B carb. not the encrapi carb

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Did mine last summer Jim. You didn't miss a thing. I'd check the rubber boot also. Mine was not connected, the metal mesh filter was all fudged up, also clamp was missing. I didn't have much experience then,so I went by the book putting it together. But while I had it apart I learned to breakdown the carb and clean it. I got all the parts I need at mopedjunkyard, if that helps you.

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