Franco Morini M01 clutch bath oil change tips

I'm used to Minarelli V1's. The clutch bath has a plastic cap on the top of the motor for filling the oil. It has a drain screw at the bottom of the reservoir, and another screw in the middle to act as a fill level indicator. You remove all 3 and drain, put in the bottom screw to fill, pour in the oil at the top, and when oil starts seeping out the middle screen hole, stop filling, put the middle screw in, put the fill cap in, and wipe off any excess from the side of the motor.

I just got a Italvelo Lloyds with the Franco Morini M01 and was doing maintenance, including an oil change. All I see is a plastic fill cap ON THE SIDE OF THE MOTOR. I opened this up and oil started draining out immediately. I'm assuming that it was overfilled? I let that drain out (a lot) then I ended up sticking a small plastic fuel line down into the motor to syphon the rest of the oil out. It was either that or tip the bike on its right side?

I'll have to tip it over on its left side to fill, or syphon oil from the plastic quart bottle to fill.

How much oil do I put in? Is that the best/only method for draining/filling this? Was I missing a drain screw? Are you suposed to wait till you run out of gas to do an oil change because the gas cap doesn't make a good seal?

Any thoughts?

Re: Franco Morini M01 clutch bath oil change tips

Re: Franco Morini M01 clutch bath oil change tips

Trent Anderson /

Nice chart, thanks.

Guess I overfilled it as well.

Would over filling this effect take off and hill climbing? Just installed the correct spark plug AND did a 20 ounce oil change. If the chart says 300 cc, that's about 11 ounces.

I did see a change from a top speed of 25 mph yesterday to 30 mph today, but takeoff and slight hills drops it down to around 15. Can too much clutch bath oil affect torque?

Re: Franco Morini M01 clutch bath oil change tips

Supposed to be an oil drain plug on the bottom of the right-side case.

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