brake light switch wiring

I have 2 wires going to my brake light switch and I think they are touching each other. So, Is this a problem? and what do these wires go to?

Re: brake light switch wiring

♣Slew Foot♣ /

They have your brake wires bypassed if you fix it the bike won't idle or start right to fix rerun the blue/blk wire that comes off magneto and ground it . or the taillight return ground.

Re: brake light switch wiring

yeah that last answer is likely correct. many bikes ran the brake light off of the ignition coil's ground. This provides a simple power circuit for lights separate from the main lighting coil making brakes simple. But the consequence is that if the brakelight is burned out then your ignition coil isn't grunded and the bike dies. Most people bypass this by grounding the wire directly and switching to a normally closed type brake switch and running it parallel off of the headlight wires. If your brake light dies and kills the bike whenever you hit the brake on a normally closed switch, you can avoid that by making sure the circuit is always closed, just by bypassing the brake switch and keeping the 2 wires in contact, which sounds like your situation.

If you're lucky the 2 wires can be plugged back into the brake switch button, and if the taillight is replaced and proper wattage, everything should work. alternately you may need to spend some time rearranging the brake light circuit to restore functionality, convert to a normally open system which is easier but will dim the headlight when the brakes are active, or you can do what 99% of us do, and just ground the wire and omit the brake light entirely. Use hand signals or just ride

Re: brake light switch wiring

Jesse Williams /

I have been searching for a video showing someone rewiring their system this way. bypassing the ground through the brake light. Can anyone link me to a video of this? I believe it's just a matter of rerouting the blue wire from the brake light, but I don't know where to take it.


Re: brake light switch wiring

Quote:` you can do what 99% of us do, and just ground the wire and omit the brake light entirely. Use hand signals or just ride'

I wouldn't do this. Your brake light is the best defense for people approaching at twice your speed from behind in your lane. Fix it right.

I carry an extra brake light bulb on my Sebrings for this,just in case. 6V, 10 watt.

Why take a chance by having only the taillight as you slow down?

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