jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

just ordered a new universal spindle with all spacers, sealed bearing kit they call it, 190mm long 12mm shaft size, has anyone tried this set up, from lucky 2 strokes???? hope it will be a better fit than the original one. let me know if it will remove my side play. blackhawk

Re: jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

I answered your other post. You will have trouble with this unless you have the correct length distance tubes and spacers. I guess you have this running correctly now since you're fussing with the rear axle. You never let us know what the problem was on your previous post.

Re: jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

can you update me frank, as to the previous post you are referring to, if it was the starting problem, ie starting drive shoes, as i said on various posts. it was the shoes where not moulded correctly and where not closing far enough in the drum to clear. and was grabbing to early, i had to file a lot off the inside of the shoes to get them to clear, took a lot of figuring out. bike going well. getting 40mph easily now,

wish i had more standing start take off though, that is the big problem with these mopeds, traffic will not wait for you. I only have a single speed jawa 210. economy.

waiting for the spindle kit to arrive, let you know how it works out. blackhawk

Re: jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

Yes that was it. Glad you've got it going and hope you get this bearing issue sorted. I have two of these a 210 two speed and a 210 sport single speed. The single speed is a bit slow to start but I get an honest 34MPH out of it. I switched to a Runtong 15MM carb and clamped on a Jamarcol pipe for a Honda Hobbit. Try these white Malossi springs on the accelerating clutch of you haven't already. It helps a bit on takeoff. https://www.treatland.tv/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=malossi-springs-298746

I'm curious if you are really hitting 40. Can you confirm with gps?

Re: jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

morning frank. i don,t have gps, but the speedo needle goes off the the clock, way past the 60 kilometer mark on the speedo. can,r remember where i did it, will take note for next time. i was just keeping up with traffic, and trying to get out of the way, some days if weather calm it just takes off, has it,s moods, But i am using a 13 tooth main drive sprocket with the standard 51 tooth rear sprocket, that 13 tooth makes a big difference in keeping up with traffic in a 30mph zone on the level in the car lane.

i did try a 15 tooth. but useless would no go up the smallest slope, and would have left me stranded a few times, so changed it immediately. the 13 tooth is a compromise. between hill climbing and road speed,

had another look at the rear wheel yesterday, and on the right side, inside the brake hub, there is a short spacer, then i noted there is a large space on the hub after the wheel bearing is fitted, room for another bearing, so i put in one of the old bearings on top of the new bearing, fitted perfectly, flush with the hub casing. and the brake shoes went in with no problem, now i am wondering if the small spacer was actually butting up against the actual bearing when assembled, will have to experiment some play dough between the bearing and the short spacer, to see if it was being compressed. will wait for the new kit and spacers to try different set ups, BUT double bearings did take up a lot of play. looks like a possible modifacation. it is not going to harm anything it seems, should have been built like this in the first place. also looking at the left side, where there is a felt oil seal bush, how about removing it and replacing it with another new bearing. the wheel will have 4 bearings now instead of 2. can,t see a lot of us for that felt seal any way. will have to fiddle with the spacers to make sure that when bolted up the bearings are pressing against each other. bet it won,t wobble with 4 bearings , have a look at the right side option to fit another wheel bearing on top of the other one to see what i am getting at, bye blackhawk.

Re: jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

ps, i am using a standard nt carb with the standard 49cc 2 stroke jets, much simpler than the jawa carb. also opened up the ports to get more air, and smooth out the flow. the carb is a bit more noisy than the original. more motorcycle sound. but simple choke system, and better performance, but had to make thicker gaskets for the manifold to top of cylinder as it would not reach, i seem to remember, the nt carbs are cheap on ebay, blackhawk

Re: jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

Hey Paul, That sounds great to me. I too have the 13-51 gearing on my single speed. My speedo will hit 40 plus MPH as well. The needle will point to 6 o'clock or a bit more on a good day. It does on occasion hit 36 on GPS. I haven't done any porting yet but the pipe definitely helped. Are you still running the stock pipe? What intake did you use with the NT carb?

Good to see more Jawa here. They do have their quirks.

Re: jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

high frank, i am using standard jawa silencer and pipe. the intake pipe was the normal jawa 210, but as i said i had to make a thicker gasket where it bolts down to the cylinder, as the carb bowl was hitting the top of the cylinder and would not bolt down, going well now for months, carb was only approx £6.50 on e bay. parts easy to get, considering a larger main jet, to see if it gives more poke, but so reliable reluctant to mess things up,

just got my rear wheel back together yesterday. Phew! what a job. i tried 4 wheel bearings in it, was very firm no side play, but running it on the stand, a sudden horrible screeching sound, and siezed up, so don,t try it, i think one on the right side inside the brake shoe would work, must have had the spacers wrong, so when you tighten the wheel nuts the bearings where not butting up against each other, it just siezed up when i tighten up the spindle nuts,

so complet strip down again, what a hell of a job to get the bearings out, had to break them to bits to get them out, put back the best of the used bearing back in, wheel spins freely now as per jawa original spec. slight play, but ordered new bearings, how about this, 10 28x12x8 mm for £3.69 pence and free postage, look it up on e bay from hongcong. item number 292243721664. that new spindle from lucky 2 strokes was ok but different finer thread which is better, and an assortment of spacers. a tip for you, shim every damn thing the spindle goes through, the brake housing hag a large hole to sloppy for the spindle, used a beer can as shim make it a bit longer the thickness of the brake housing. and cut little slits around the ends of the shim, both ends, ead bend them over so when you push the spindle through it stays in place, make the spindle a nice tap fit through it. upgrade i am going to do the same with spacers when my new bearings arrive, especially on the left side, the spacer that goes through the felt oil seal and against the inner wheel bearing this where a lot of the side play is comming from. those spacers should be made a much tighter fit on the spindle. well must go and see if the wheel will hold its present set up, i have learned a lot. a now no what to do in feature. paul

Re: jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

still waiting for new bearings to arrive and new rear brake shoes, i tried it out with the old bearings, to see if i could tighten the spindle nuts without it locking up, yes, was pretty good, but after a 30 mile ride, got home tried the wheel side play, very bad, but they where old bearings, surprised how much the wheel freed up, as it was looking and feeling pretty good when i set off.

i have ten bearings arriving, so plenty to experiment with, i am going to try an extra bearing on the right side inside the brake shoe, will find some thick washer to go between the bearings, so when i tighten the spindle nut, it should press one bearing against the other, and not lock up, in theory, if it does, that accounts why jawa did not do it. bye fo now, paul

Re: jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

high frank, the latest news, got the new bearings, fitted them, and managed to get an extra bearing in on the 18 tooth chain pedal side, ie the left. not a press fit as thr hub is bored out slightly larger at that point, but still a nice fit. locktite would be safer to secure it, a found a spring washer, 11 mm hole same as the spindle, and outer dia same as the center of the bearing, had to flatten the spring washer of course, now when bolted up this bearing would compress the inner one.

but now i had to adjust the spacer for length, because it was now to long, allowing for the extra thickness of the extra bearing. but i got lucky, the extra spacers in the new spindle kit, worked by putting 2 together. assembled everything, tightened the spindle nuts, no sieze up, run the bike on the stand, no screeches, wheel felt firm, hardly ant side play, call it design tolerance . when for a ride the next day, about 25 miles, got home, and the play had come back about 1/8 inc to 3/16 inch side play. back to square one.

makes no sense. seems it needs a bearing made to fit the hub and the 18 tooth freewheel, a tight fit, to stop it moving, you can see the wheel moving at this point. looking for a new magnesium or plastic wheel to replace, do you know any other moped wheels that will fit?? no answers on you tube, just how to fit the wheel bearings, which does not help, with 3 bearings in the hub it is better than the standard set up, but stiil moves a lot. back to the search. paul

Re: jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

Do you have a distance tube between the two bearings? You need that in addition to proper spacers on the left and right sides. The center of the bearings should be clenched tightly by the axle bolt with no play. This is kind of a standard thing in all bearing setups of this type. People do the Treatland bearing conversion on Puch to avoid chasing loose bearings.

Re: jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

high frank. yes all spacers where in and correct, i think i have found the problem. those new bearings where useless. just taken the wheel off, and the amount of wobble in the bearings after only 25 miles is unbelievable. i looked at the old original bearing i took out and it is a much tighter fit on the axle and does not wobble about, in fact better than the new ones i fitted, the treatland axle is 12mm supposed to be, but micrometer says it is approx 10 thou smaller, and with a lot of play in a 12x28x8 mm new bearing. i cant see how anyone can get a good fit using this kit, unless they provide the correct bearings to fit it, on their site they mention shimming for the bearings, However i have just ordered the correct bearings from jawaparts.com interested t see what they fit like, must have had the bearings made special.

Serves me right for being a cheap skate and trying to save some money, ordered 4 for 8.40 euros plus postage whatever that comes to. thanks for your concern, paul

Re: jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

Strange. I popped these bearings in my rear some time ago and recently put around 400 miles on with no problems.


Re: jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

morning frank. well that is very strange. look up this site, a lot of info.

https://simplybearings.co.uk lots of bearings, take note of how they describe the bearings. ie fag 6001 c3 open deep groove bearing, clearance c3 i thought WOW! this is the id of the bearing. but no, is the the amount of play in the ball bearings in the race, and determines side movement,

they have choices of c2,c3,and c4. still investigating what all this means. the jawaparts.com bearing is a 6001c3, would have liked it to be a smaller id of the bearing, which as i said before the original bearing was a much better fit. looked up the bearing you fitted, and does not mention if it is a c3 or ordinary. simplybearings ect, do not say if it alters the id of the bearing also.

most bearings are standard, 12x28x8 can,t understand how anyone can get a good axle fit using them. i asked jawa to send bearings that where a tight fit on the axle to eliminate side play. We shall see, they obviously did it somehow. by paul

Re: jawa 210 rear wheel side play.

C3 apparently have room for expansion. ZZ do not. maybe you need the ZZ suffix.


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