Boulder co

Need some help on my 79 newport. Im in Boulder, co. Will pay cash or can give parts if you can help me get it started. Bc after my last two mopeds I've owned have been completely problematic, im disabled and I need to get to work or their going on Craigslist. Because I NEED TO GET TO FUCKING WORK

Re: Boulder co

Beach Club Nick /

If you need to get somewhere every day reliably I really think you should get a Honda or Yamaha scooter. All mopeds are problematic to some degree.

Re: Boulder co

Fuck that. My Honda was the worst moped I ever owned. Rode it home and stared at it for 2 months. Finally got it going and the tranny exploded. Waste of 1000 dollars.

There's just something stupid im overlooking bc of my stress level. Need a second set of eyes.

Re: Boulder co

Has spark, has fuel, engine was going 35 a week ago. Im missing something here

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DM sent

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