Wiring 77 maxi

Recently decided to swap my 77 engine onto my 79 newport. Swapped the electrics bc the 77 has 5 wires off the ignition and the 79's system has 6.

Now, I took pictures of the connector (only 10 spots not 12) and I hooked it up exactly the same as it was before. The spark plug would shock me but not fire.

I decided to check the wiring diagram on the wiki, re adjusted the wires on the connectors. Still nothing. Fixed the Jerry rig on the right brake handle switch. Still nothing.

So heres my real question,

Is there an ignition and headlight only setup for a 5 wire?

Or should I just go about relacing everything electric?

Re: Wiring 77 maxi

*five wires off the stator

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