American Microcar/V1 wiring help

I'm looking for tips to wire my American Microcar with a V1 motor. It's the standard 6v points ignition. Nothing is connected right now; just a bunch of loose wires hanging. A hand drawn diagram of someone's existing wiring would be helpful. Thanks.


Re: American Microcar/V1 wiring help

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There's also this


Re: American Microcar/V1 wiring help

Re: American Microcar/V1 wiring help

>>>taykoff [s2m] /

Seth probably has you covered, typical Minarelli wiring. Also, check this:

Microcar Manual

You may have it wired correctly, but the emergency switch is on and needs to be off? Essentially, it is just a built-in bypass for the dead brake light issue.

Sweet looking Microcar!

Re: American Microcar/V1 wiring help

I didn't notice the emergency switch; It's wired the same as a Cimatti then. There may be a wiring diagram for Cimatti on Myrons Mopeds. But that's still basic Minarelli wiring. I'm pretty sure you're gonna have to have a resistor in the tail/brake light, iirc.

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