Moby fork assembly help!!

Anthony Sanchez /

Trying to put back together this moby fork but the springs won’t go back In. And no too sure where I should put the shims.. any help?

Thank you!!! (edited)


Re: Moby fork assembly help!!

There should be more spacers, maybe still inside the forks? Have you looked for the manual for whatever you're working on to see the order that the spacers are supposed to go?

Take a look at the top of the retainers that thread into the springs. Are there some ridges and corresponding slots in the upper yoke?

Re: Moby fork assembly help!!

But I guess I didn't really answer any of your questions so, the metal ones should go in first. As far as the springs fitting, check the top, like in the second part of my post. Here's a link to a pic:

How do the gaskets in the nuts look?

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