Funny CDI question

Hello all. I have a junk Chinese bike I'm trying to get going. It has a bad CDI and I've not been able to find a new one with the same pin configuration (3 female, 2 male). I have a good CDI, a normal 6-pin (4+2 all male). Would it be possible to change out the connectors on the bike wires (seen in photo) to a 3/4 female and 2 female so that it could connect to a regular CDI?



Re: Funny CDI question

You first have to figure what each wire is good for on both units .

Then you might be able to mix and match .

Re: Funny CDI question

Maybe, but it's possible that the timing would be all off because pickups are different etc.

Re: Funny CDI question

Yes, I think I have what each wire is for matched up.

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