za50 expert?

so like, i want to rebuild this za50 i got. it works, last i checked, but it has like 12k miles on it and was getting "chattery." i have another bottom end to use for parts. plan is to get it all set up with new bearings and a new crank and match it to some little kit. probably an airsal. i'm at the point where i feel like i almost just want to pay somebody a bunch of money to do a few hundo. it would have to be somebody really well known and respected within the, i wouldn't do it unless i was really sure they were gonna do a better job than me. i "can" do it. im just lazy, and za's r hard....

Re: za50 expert?

Cristophe at Tomahawk Mopeds here in L.A. is pretty damn good

Re: za50 expert?

Probably Fred /

Make sure you get the best and newest design of new crank even the newest Kranks at treats have looseness at the clutch bell and don’t have the flat spot on clutch end bushing (which is the oil pump on a stock crank) on the newer large crank end bushing za50s that I am not happy with,

For a small kit I would go with a stock crank in mint shape that has the proper OD for your clutch bell

I would love to rebuild your engine for you because I have all the factory tools to do it and za50s basically are my moped life but alas at this time doing my work conditioning and PT trying to get back to work and my wife with her multiple heart surgeries and she is still not right I cannot commit to any work,

If you were local and had time and or could help some then maybe

I think in the mid term you should post for running Za50 engine throw some clay putty, paper towels or rags down the carter and case match it shallow for the small kit and go with it,

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I wouldn't crack the cases to replace the bearings unless you have to. Like ken said the aftermarket za cranks are kind of garbage. I'd slap some new seals in there, flip the 2nd gear clutch, replace the pucks, and double check that the shimming is on point. Gear it out to 22x35, run a super long pipe and rip it up. The ignition timing on a za should be set more advanced than an e50, I believe mine is set to 1.5mm btdc.

Re: za50 expert?

Chöschi21 C.K. /

I know the Swiing ZA Crank is good, there is the Supermaxi Crankshaft wich is great for High rpms.

Re: za50 expert?

i gotta checkk it out. it was my daily for a lotta years. its been "back burnered" for a few years now. started running bad and i got onto variators, u know.

i'd love to just blast it...i feel like it deserves some maintenance...

Re: za50 expert?

oh, and i did do the pucks, probably 8 or 10 years ago, but i did.

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