Brake light switch install fail

Working on electrical for my 1980 tomos A3 silver bullet. Using this diagram with much success until my final step, which was the brake light switch wiring. I was previously just taking the blue line from stator and grounding directly.

I put this brake light switch in

Wired according to this diagram but now notice my bike will only fire up and idle if I am holding my brake, if I let go it's dying right away.

My father said he thinks I need to look into resistor in tail light. I have this aftermarket tail light which doesn't appear to have one...

Could the lack of resistor be causing this? Grounding looks good on both ends?

Re: Brake light switch install fail

If your tail light doesn't have the resistor in it that's definitely your problem.

Re: Brake light switch install fail

Jason White /

I'm sure I can install resistor into this line, however I can't find the specs on resistor and know little about electrical systems.

Mopedarmy searching, I saw someone talking about "6v resistor in tail light" - however I'm not able to confirm this with any other source and when I'm searching resistors, looks like they're in ohms. Pardon my complete ignorance to electrical systems, hoping someone can guide me to an appropriate product to complete this project

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