Fork Repair

I'm working on this 78 Concord (my first moped) and I want to rebuild the forks among other things. I took them apart and they were just filled with rust dust. One of the springs was rusted to the bottom of the bottom tube and about 3 inches of it broke off inside. I had to weld a hook to a piece of threaded rod to make my own spring puller just to get it out of the bottom of the tube. I hooked the spring and tightened the nut on the threaded rod until it popped off the bottom. It worked pretty good even though the spring broke into three pieces. There was a 7" spring in the tube but also a seperate 2" spring in the bottom. I'm not sure if that is how it was supposed to be or if the previous owner added the small spring. Is that normal? It didn't make sense to me because the long spring fit inside the small spring so they weren't even on top of each other.

So it obviously needs at least one new spring since one broke into 3 pieces but I'm not sure where to find replacements. The springs are tappered so the diameter at the top is 1/2" and the middle is 1" then it drops back down to 1/2" at the bottom. Does anyone know where I can find them?

I'm going to re-use the bottom sections of the forks but the tops are in pretty rough shape. One of the bushing/guides was broken and the others were cracked so I would need replacements. The tube is 28mm OD and 19-7/8" long. The bushings are 32.4mm OD. Does anyone know if there are other tubes or guides matching those dimensions? If not, I was thinking about making my own on a lathe out of some stainless steel pipes. If I make them myself I was going to do it in one piece so that the bushing/guide things will be part of the tube. Will there be any issues if I do that?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Re: Fork Repair

id source some usuable ones off buy sell.

Re: Fork Repair

Puch ebr forks work on a concord

Re: Fork Repair

Ok thanks, I'll order those!

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