Front brake sticking. Weak shoe spring? (FA50)

My FA50 has been having front brake issues where the brake won't disengage entirely once fully applied. This issue has caused a 5 mph loss and abysmal acceleration once applied, otherwise if I reach down and force the lever to move back it sit at the correct position until applied.

I believe this can be two issues:

1) A weak shoe spring. I replaced the front and rear drums a few months ago and replaced the rear drums with the original springs and the front brake with new springs (The supplier only sent 1 at the time).

It makes sense to me that the springs cause the drums to even out, and if it were weak, would cause them to stick out and rub against the drum.

2) The lever is full of gunk and can't move properly. I think this would be less likely as the lever still operates somewhat. In the photo below is what I believe needs to be reassembled.

Any advice would be appreciated, though I hope it isn't the shoe spring as I thought the spring would last as long as the brake pads.


Re: Front brake sticking. Weak shoe spring? (FA50)

When you pull the front hub apart , pull the brake cam out of the plate . Clean it and insure it has free movement inside the brake plate . Use a bit of sand paper to 'adjust' , if needed .

At the same time , check the edges that contact the shoes when expanded are rounded and smooth . Check the shoe contact areas and insure they are flat and smooth .

Apply a very small amount of high temp grease to all contact areas , including where the cam rides in the plate and reassemble .

While there's no pressure on the brake cable , apply a good graphite based lube . It helps everything move easier .

Re: Front brake sticking. Weak shoe spring? (FA50)

^ Def do the maintenance listed above. Also, these are pretty great (measure to make sure they'd work for this application, in place of the rubber boot over the cable)

Re: Front brake sticking. Weak shoe spring? (FA50)

Did you replace the brake shoes too, or just the spring?

Re: Front brake sticking. Weak shoe spring? (FA50)

if u just did the brakes, then it could be a sticky frayed cable.

Re: Front brake sticking. Weak shoe spring? (FA50)

Yes, new brake shoes. The originals were still in there so nothing but metal to metal.

The rear brake is still rocking the original springs as the seller shipped the springs after the shoes. (edited)

Re: Front brake sticking. Weak shoe spring? (FA50)

If you a referring to the brake cable that connects to the lever that was replaced during the time of the brake shoe replacement.

Re: Front brake sticking. Weak shoe spring? (FA50)

Got around to fixing the front brakes today, ended up being the very left highlighted piece above, or pictured below. To me it looked clean of any dirt or debris when disassembling; however, this wouldn't budge even without the brakes. Once I used two table clamps to remove the item and lubricated it, the adjuster span free by hand!

This solved my issue ultimately and the brakes are better than they ever have been.

*I cleaned the entire front brake hub and lubricated it after this image


Re: Front brake sticking. Weak shoe spring? (FA50)

Good you have brakes that really work . :)

Re: Front brake sticking. Weak shoe spring? (FA50)

Yes, brakes are good!

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