Turn signals for mkii

I have a MKII and desperately need turn signals on her this is all the info I have in the pic I dont know if I need to buy anything other than turn signals like a blinker relay or if the regulator or if its built in in the controls on the bars I would love to find a working set of cateye signals but haven't yet thanks


Re: Turn signals for mkii

Your missing a few pieces to complete it. Getting parts for these blinker systems is almost impossible to find, especially the blinker units themselves. A cat eye system (BL-700) is different than the one that’s attached to the bike now. Search the Buy/Sell for a cat eye setup.


Re: Turn signals for mkii

The ULO boxes can be found on EBay but it’s overseas and $100 shipped:


Re: Turn signals for mkii

I think my heart just broke into a couple pieces lol do I need both these components the ulo and the batteries ? Or is there a way to rig them up with some treats parts

Re: Turn signals for mkii

Yes both and the battery can be made at a Battiers Plus for around $25. You can use Tomos turn signals in place of the missing ones which can be bought on Treats. Not sure if Tomos ones hve 12v bulbs but you can buy 6v bulbs.

Re: Turn signals for mkii

Ok thanks for the info this definitely helped

Re: Turn signals for mkii

Garrett Bernhagen /

When you picked up your LTD, were your signals functioning? My signals won't work. However, I have had the chance to change out the battery with a cell made at Batteries Plus but I haven't started the bike up again since its in storage for the winter. Could work now for all I know, but I won't know until spring.

As an aside, I imagine you could get away by finding out which wires go to the signals and the switch and then hook up a 6V battery and flasher relay that isn't recharged by or in circuit with the stator. You could remove the battery from behind the side covers when the bike isn't in use and run a trickle charger to get the power back up again. I was thinking I might do that if the signals don't work out with the stock components.


Re: Turn signals for mkii

^Some mocha brown (UPS) Magnums came with them too not just LTD. When you hook up the battery it has to charge a little while the bike is running before the blinkers work. The charging system in it is slow so if you forget to turn the signals off after a turn the battery will just die because it doesn’t provide enough power fast enough to charge it.

Re: Turn signals for mkii

Mopedicures Pedals4show /

A $15 12v coil from treatland will end the madness!

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