Sachs 505 1/d Clutch Issue

Hello everyone, I'm currently having an interesting issue with my Sachs 505 clutch. My bike is 100% stock and has around 800 miles on it. The issue I've been having is that the clutch is always engaged. I have torn the clutch apart and put it back together multiple times now and have done a lot of research on my issue but to no avail. A few of the times I put the clutch together, it would never fully engage, this lead me to think that maybe my donut was bad, but I just put the clutch back together without the stock shim washer in there and everything works kind of. The bike will idle at stops and the bike will go when I rev, but it doesn't sound right and I have to rev it higher than I normally would when the clutch was always engaged. While messing with the clutch, the only weird thing that I noticed is that all of the plates would only slot onto the center hub from one side and the thin plate would hang up on the center hub in multiple spots. From what I can tell from videos and forum posts, the plates are supposed to move freely along the entire center hub and that it has no specific way it's supposed to go on. Could this be my issue? Should I just try and find a smaller than stock shim and run that? Any input is appreciated, thank you for your time!

Re: Sachs 505 1/d Clutch Issue

yeah they're probably not sitting flush against the back and that's pushing it out so the shimming is off and the outer plate's hitting and keeping things compressed. you can file out the splines or just try passing the plates the whole way down the spline guy until it seems to go smoothly both directions

Re: Sachs 505 1/d Clutch Issue

Sounds good to me. I'll need to get a file that will work for steel, I was trying sandpaper but that just falls apart and gets everywhere. Thanks!

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