Tomos Targa Carb/Air Filter

I believe my moped has the stock carb but I can't find an air filter anywhere and where the carb sits its too close to the pedals for one of the ones that stick out kinda far. I don't have pictures currently but I will add some later when I pick my moped up.

Re: Tomos Targa Carb/Air Filter

is the pedal arm bent? happens a lot when bikes get dropped on the side, if maybe that's why it wont clear. What's the year, 90s to mid 00's targa used an SHA and those carbs have a million and a half filters of al varieties online everywhere cuz every china clone POS bike motor runs a SHA or similar. at any rate no matter what carb you can measure the OD of the piece where the filter clamps on, typoe that into goofgle and find filters that';ll fit

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