Moped Problems

Phillip Pavlis /

I got a brand new moped I bought, it is the WOLF RX-50 2018 White Version. It is a 4 stroke 50cc engine. My problems started happening at around 300 miles. It used to just lose all power when driving normally, turn off when stopped. Now when I drive it I have to "blip" the throttle to keep it alive otherwise it will turn off. After driving it for 10-30 minutes I can feel the engine get weaker to where blipping the throttle no longer keeps it alive so it just dies when I give it throttle. Every time it dies it does not start right back up but if I sit with it for 5 minutes it starts perfectly fine. I don't know what could be wrong, I was thinking carb issues.

Re: Moped Problems

Your problems started when you bought a cheap, Chinese, 4 stroke scooter.

Check out scooter forums. We only discuss mopeds here. Vintage, 2 stroke, pedal-type mopeds. Good luck.

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Very very likely it's a loose hose from the intake or near it. possibly dirty carb. all that can be accessed relatively easily through the bottom of the undrseat compartment. little flip open flap wit ha phillips screw. then pull the boot off the carb and yank it ut, clean it up, and check for loose hoses (there's one that's a drain off the bottom of the carb that should be loose - it's just a drain hose for when you open the little screw on there to drain out the carb's bowl)

actually - that's a great point - it could easily ust be water in the gas or in the carb - try draining it first, little screw either directly on bottom of the carb or more likely partway down a tube that comes off the bottom of the carb.

Re: Moped Problems

kevin Smellaflange /

those ''CHINE'' scoots are the worst thing invented...

they get young people to buy them, then don't supply people to fix them, or hardware that is standard metric.

i would sell it back to someone who will bring it back to china w/them...

Re: Moped Problems

it could be a wiring problem.

Re: Moped Problems

Josiah Radebaugh /

Could hardwired it

Re: Moped Problems

could be the breather in the tank cap is clogged creating a vacuum in your tank and not allowing fuel to get to the carb, try running it with the cap loose or off for a while and see if that's the issue.

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