Garelli clutch won't disengage

Hi i have a Garelli Eureka from 1973 with the one speed automatic clutch and it haves some problems. i hope some of you can help me out.

when it is standing on its kickstand and is idling the back tire spins contantly and when i try to stop it by braking it or taking it down from the kickstand the bikes dies and i have to start it up agian.

a couple of days ago i opened the transmisson and replaced the 6 rubber pieces/bushings that where completely broken down and was spread around the engine block. i put new ones in and put it all back together and fired it up but it is still the same. the only difference is that i can move very slowly now and still not die but when i do a complete stop it still dies.

i have also tried adjusting the cluth cable and starting it but it remains the same.

it runs great and does not really annoy me that much but in the long run won't it damage the engine? i live in a city with a lot of trafic lights so i have to stop pretty often or just roll very slowly until they turn green

i hope someone can help me im pretty much out of ideas at this point

PS. sorry for My bad english

PPS. reposted from general topics

Re: Garelli clutch won't disengage

Could be the clutch has swollen, does the rear wheel spin freely when they engine is off? Before opening the transmission up I would try cleaning the idle circuit on the dellorto sha. If you look in through it from the side it clamps on from you will see a very small hole. Clean it out with a guitar string and compressed air. Also double check your points gap, I am pretty sure they are suposed to be at .45mm

Re: Garelli clutch won't disengage

Classic swollen rubber clutch.

Re: Garelli clutch won't disengage

Isn't 0.45 mm too wide. Should be equivalent of .016" or sixteen thousandths of an inch or LESS like .014". (edited)

Re: Garelli clutch won't disengage

Correct me if I'm wrong but actually, I thought 0.015'' is around 0.40mm ( Cool ride btw!

Re: Garelli clutch won't disengage

It is probably an airleak. I would go thru all of the steps to make sure there is no air leak before diving back into the clutch again. They can cause similar symptoms.

Re: Garelli clutch won't disengage

Did you completely dismantle the clutch parts & clean out the leftover residue from those rubber pieces that melted down?

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