TOMOS A55 CDI BOX :( :( :(

Was in Liverpool doing deliveroo work today and right after filling my tank at a petrol station about 9 miles away from where I live, the bike cut out on me.

I've then had to pedal back at minus 2 mph with a full tank of petrol and a box bag on my back I got it home checked everything and.... No spark :( All stator wires are good just no output from the box. Are there other devices like this that can be used on a tomos a35/a55 with the external pickup?? This is the 2nd time I've had this happen in the space of 9 months. I mean I could just get another one of these and be good for a bunch of months but I'd rather try something else if it's available.

Cheers all.


Re: TOMOS A55 CDI BOX :( :( :(

kevin Smellaflange /


sorry...not yelling caps lock lazy to back up and rewrite everything, that would be a royal bother.

Re: TOMOS A55 CDI BOX :( :( :(

:) No worries.

Yep if I had one tonight that'd have been amazing.

Tonight's ride home was utterly grim.

So you reckon just replace it with the same again? do you know of any higher performance boxes out there? maybe ones from other bikes that are compatible? I see a lot of different ones on ebay but they're just the box and not the coil. I'm not too clued up on the electrical side of things when it comes to these bikes.

Re: TOMOS A55 CDI BOX :( :( :(

Just realised I've got an ignition coil from an old tomos a3k that works. Could i plug an aftermarket cdi in to that?? or just use it without the cdi and not have a curve.

Re: TOMOS A55 CDI BOX :( :( :(

Re: TOMOS A55 CDI BOX :( :( :(

Blake Totally a real doctor /

We also have sweet original Ducati boxes.

Re: TOMOS A55 CDI BOX :( :( :(

Amazing. Cheers for the help everyone. Will look into getting one (or twelve) of these asap.

On a side note is there something that would cause this to happen usually or do they just decide to fail when they feel like it?

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