Setting up NU50 for premix

Just got a carb set up for premix with built in choke lever. Do I need to remove the choke control box or just the hoses? Also plan to completely remove oil pump and plug. Thanks for your help and time.

Re: Setting up NU50 for premix

Captain Janeway /

Did you leave on the stock intake or switch? If stock, make sure to get the hose hookup at base of intake plugged. If you're not using that autochoke, sure remove it.

If the oil pump isn't in the way of something else, just leave it. I just ran the oil in and out hoses into each other and rolled the cables back up into the frame. pulled the reservoir.

Re: Setting up NU50 for premix

the autochoke on NU50 is a bimetal plate bypass. basically as the engine heats up it makes a plate pop open or closed to engage the choke. without the auto-choke carb, that can be totally ignored. I'd get little caps to keep everything dry inside but it doesn't matter really. Or you could cut the hoses and just wrape em around to themselves closed circuit.

Re: Setting up NU50 for premix

Omair Qadir /

Great thanks guys

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