Does this sound bad?

Hello everyone, I'm trying to get my 1980 Sachs Suburban running right so I can finally get it out on the road, but it makes some sounds that don't sound good to me. I don't know a whole lot about engine sounds, especially two strokes and was hoping someone could lend me their expertise. If it is normal, does my idle sound okay or do I need to mess with that more? If a better video is needed, let me know and I can try and take one. Thank you.

Re: Does this sound bad?

Andrew Squiggman /

take it apart and look.

Re: Does this sound bad?

Josiah Radebaugh /

Piston slap?

Re: Does this sound bad?

todd amundson /

That's normal

Re: Does this sound bad?

It does appear to be normal after watching videos of other Sachs 505s and reading a couple posts about the pinging sound. I also found that my chain was hitting a little plastic guide which was some of the sound.

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