Question About Decompresson Valve Damage Kreidler MP-19

I am a 40+ year motorcycle mechanic but new to mopeds. It would appear the decompression linkage and valve are one part. My Kreidler's "scissor linkage" which opens and closes the valve is bent and no longer engaged in the slot at the end of the valve shaft. Do you think that it can be gingerly bent back into shape so it operates the valve? I understand you don't really need this thing, it starts and runs fine now. But my son's girlfriend (a very small person) will be riding this so I want it to start with little effort as intended by the factory. Thanks.

Re: Question About Decompresson Valve Damage Kreidler MP-19

God that is a beautiful bike, had one just like it...never got it running, weak spark, had to sell lost storage. :( But I would give it a shot with the linkage, if it gets worse you could always advertise on the buy/sell forum for another. Go for it.

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