FA50 Electrical Issue(s)?

After getting my FA50 mechanically working fine, something else has to break, who knew?

After replacing my choke cable, I started to have electrical issues as describes:

-Rear light no longer stays on, BUT the rear brake light is fine

-Turn signals don't function

-Horn does not function

-Kill switch does not function

-Hi/Lo beam switch functions, but notifying light near the speedometer does not

All the problems disappear if the wheel is turned to the left, and surprisingly work better than ever better (Horn is much louder, lights are much brighter, etc) but if the wheel is to the right then the above occurs. However, sometimes it will either completely work, or not work, regardless of the wheels location. Another issue is that all of the above will work fine and the static rear light won't be on regardless.

Looking through this diagram for the FA50 the only logical solution is that there is a grounding issue or multiple positive/ground wire issues.

Any suggestions would be appreciate, while the other issues aren't required to be fixed it is a state law that I have an always on rear light.

Re: FA50 Electrical Issue(s)?

Louis Brunskill /

Pull the 2 screws on the sides of the spedo case and lift it up, you'll find plugs in there, start looking for loose plugs.

Re: FA50 Electrical Issue(s)?

I will try that tomorrow, unfortunately I now have an exhaust leak somewhere as the thing sounds loud. Happened during a delivery today when crossing some rail roads.

Thanks for the tip.

Re: FA50 Electrical Issue(s)?

^ Easy to find that, with cold engine fire it up, run your hand from the head along the pipe, not ON it, (duh) but close, you should be able to feel it. May have cracked the header, these things are NOT dirt bikes, take it easy on them.

Re: FA50 Electrical Issue(s)?

Ouch, that will require a new muffler wouldn't it? If anything, I can always use the MIG welder.

New development also, brake light is no longer working on the moped after a short ride around the block. I knew full well that using this guy as a commuter would require some work, I personally have put 1/4 of its miles on within a year. (edited)

Re: FA50 Electrical Issue(s)?

Update on the FA50 Muffler, turns out that one of the screws on the near the gasket was loose and the main support screw fell off completely, I assume this cause the large exhaust leak.

I replaced the screws and ensured Loctite was involved!

For reference, looking at this list.

#5 : M8 25 mm

#2: M6 18 mm

Re: FA50 Electrical Issue(s)?

Those are the only bolts the exhaust uses . Don't forget to use lock washers .

Your exhaust falling off is exactly why it's recommended to do a 'walk around' occasionally on bikes checking all the bolts and nuts . You'll learn which ones tend to loosen and which remain tight .

I think not many do it and some pay huge for neglect .

I never use loctite on exhaust bolts as heat loosens it .

Re: FA50 Electrical Issue(s)?

Yes, sorry, I only used Loctite on the rear bolt, which is only used to hold the exhaust, so no heat actually touches this nut.

As all things go for me, the thing broke down again, made it half a mile this morning and made it to a stop sign just for it to putter and die. Walked it home and replaced the spak plug with a new NGK (iirc BPH4S or something like that) and it ran for 4-5 seconds. Have yet to get it started again. (edited)

Re: FA50 Electrical Issue(s)?

If everything else is stock , it'll never run right without a stock air filter assembly .

Re: FA50 Electrical Issue(s)?

I was finally able to get around fixing a majority of the issues on this bike. Throughout my few years of working on cars, I've never had such a terrific time working on this little bike! Everything and I mean everything, went so smoothly! Fixed both brake hubs, plastic soldered the fender together, bent the footpegs back, and was able to get the electrical issue sorted.

In regards to the electrical issues, it was just a loose connection below the speedo. Turning the wheel to the right forced it against the plastic housing, giving it better contact and making it work periodically.

So looks like Louis Brunskill (vavoomskill) was originally correct.


Re: FA50 Electrical Issue(s)?

The FA50s are easy to work on and once you have them right , they are reliable to a fault . At least in stock configuration .

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