More garelli clutch woes

A while back my garelli rally sport and it's NOI rubber clutch gave me such a headache I just left it sit in my dining room for a while but due to some garbage weather I decided to take another look at it.

Originally I tore it apart and cleaned up some melted bushings, put it back together and it ran for a little. Ended up stalling out at idle speeds after a while when I was stopped, and finally the cable snapped so I let it go for a while.

Rigged up a new cable, tore it apart and made sure the clutch was assembled correctly (that damn spring setup is a bitch) but now when I tried to start it it feels like the clutch isn't engaging at all. There's no difference in feel between the lever pulled or not pulled, just feels like it's pedaling and won't start.

Trying to figure this out, do I need bigger/taller bushings in there to engage the rubber clutch? Is that rubber star just sticking? I guess the clutch doesn't make total sense to me so trying to pinpoint what's not working right has me pulling my hair out and any advice would be awesome

Re: More garelli clutch woes

maybe like this, the lever arm pushes phone dial into star clutch to bell to start. so if your bushings too big, maybe its wedging, or u missing the pin, or clutch too far gone. picts might help.

Re: More garelli clutch woes

Whenever i decide to tear the thing down again I’ll snap a few pics, but I did order new bushings, but I think I had it backwards in my first post, feels the same (clutch doesnt do anything) but its always engaged. So if I try to pedal it at all, I’m turning the cylinder with it, whenever it was running I was able to just pedal along with it like normal, rip the clutch and get it to start, now its like it is trying to start all the time.

Does this sound like the clutch itself is sticking? The outside part is fairly new, I replaced it shortly after picking up the ped, but now I’m not sure what is going on with it

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oh, thats different, check out the lever arm and spring is disengageing, i just cut some rubber hose from autozone for bushings, size is in the wiki.

Re: More garelli clutch woes

Redid the bushings and it has the same effect, but for troubleshooting purposes, is the “driven gear drum” or #15 in the junkyard diagram supposed to spin freely/independently from the clutch housed inside it unless the lever is pulled/clutch depressed?

I cant recall but i think it was hanging up on spots there and maybe i need to either clean it or my “new” clutch body is a little swollen or too big

Re: More garelli clutch woes

no.15, the clutch bell should spin freely on the crank, its got these little oil holes that get clogged. gotta clean up n maybe fine sandpaper. u can also sand your rubber clutch some if its rubbing.

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> pat splat Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> no.15, the clutch bell should spin freely on the crank, its got these

> little oil holes that get clogged. gotta clean up n maybe fine

> sandpaper. u can also sand your rubber clutch some if its rubbing.

Thanks for your help so far man, been super helpful. Spent some time with a rotary tool and cleaned/polished up the clutch bell and took some material off of the clutch itself this morning. Was actually able to get it started.

It runs and idles fine on the stand, had it running for 20+ minutes, but as soon as any weight or resistance is on the back wheel it stalls out. Is that the clutch grabbing again and i still need to remove some more clutch material?

Re: More garelli clutch woes

fresh gas? clean carb? clean idle jet? running inline fuel filter? is jetting right? u need that air filter box for stock jetting, u can choke to see if u running lean. lotta times that seal under stator goes bad. if its wet in there its bad.

Re: More garelli clutch woes

Fuel is fresh, running a fuel filter, and the carb and jetting should be clean and set up right, spent a lot of time over the summer figuring that out. Ran for a little while before this issue came up.

I can take a look at that seal, the only reason i wasnt sure if it was the clutch still or not was when everything is assembled, it still feels as if its hanging up a little. Without the rubber clutch in, everything spins freely, but when I get it all together and the c clip holding it in place it doesn’t spin as well as it did when it wasnt assembled.

I’ll take another crack at it here soon, but hey, at least its started, so thats a plus

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