Magnum MKII fork tube length

Going to rebuild the forks of my bike, been told it has the same forks as the Magnum MKII which are hydraulic. When i pulled up the rubber gaiters of the forks to check tube condition. they were ok but did have some orange spots. and i know from bitter experience once fork tubes of hydraulics have any rust, it just kills seals. besides in the UK the fork tubes have to be good to pass our MOT roadworthiness test. if its rusted or leaks.. instant fail.

I know the seals are available, but new tubes are unobtanium. So i will have to strip them down and get the tubes hard chromed. but before i do this, does anyone know what length the tubes are and the diameter. as a few of the euro part suppliers have tubes they describe as long and short, or complete fork sets. Just trying to weigh up my options, new forks or refurbish tubes and rebuild. If anyone has photos of the magnum mk2 forks pulled apart so i can see whats going on in there. i'd be grateful.

Re: Magnum MKII fork tube length

Dirty30 Dillon /

What bike is trying to have the forks swapped?

Most mopeds did not come with Hydro forks, so crispy rust on the tubes isn't an issue

Re: Magnum MKII fork tube length

Billy Stewart /

It's a Puch AX40 City. It has the same forks as a magnum MK2. Definitely hydraulic.

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