Sachs moped clutch problems

I have been looking at a Sachs moped online for sale. The person says it has clutch problems. Is that a common thing for them and if it is, is it serious. Thanks

Re: Sachs moped clutch problems

Yes and no. Use the search function for a wealth off information. If you can buy it cheap, do it.

Re: Sachs moped clutch problems

He wants 175

Re: Sachs moped clutch problems

if it's complete, looks good and runs that might be a good price. Model and picture?

Re: Sachs moped clutch problems

Richard Eberline /

I have never had a problem, the clutch needs to be adjusted once in a while. The Sachs clutch, like on all mopeds needs a adjustment. When you kit a moped, most clutches need improvements or a replacement. Frank, hows Florida?

Re: Sachs moped clutch problems

80's today. Perfect ped weather. Only short ride today though. Other projects. Bathroom refresh times two...

I revived a Sachs Westlake and had it running 33ish. Had to rebuild the engine and clean up a mess. I cleaned and 400 grit wet sanded the clutch plates, reassembled and checked the gap. All was well. Went to kit it and found the big end bearing jangling. Rebuild #2 when I'm back north. Sachs are fun. Almost as hated as Jawa. Owen, buy this and start having some fun!

Re: Sachs moped clutch problems

These aren’t the best pictures


Re: Sachs moped clutch problems

That's a decent looking Sachs. I looked at your previius posts and saw you were working on a Garelli. I'd recommend getting that one working properly before you start another learning curve on another completely different issue. Looks like you had much help on that one. If you have it running well already and you're ready for another challenge go for it.

Re: Sachs moped clutch problems

Sachs clutches are a challenge always, theyre tiny!

Luckily the common issues are wellestablished and solvable.

1) the clutch nut. they tend to back off because for whatever dumb reason the clutch has no taper, it's only held on by the nut's torque, so hard stops can back the nut off. I've had several sachs where people gave up because sachs clutches are "impossible" only to find the nut was just loose. 10 minutes later it was running fine.

If it's a consistent issue, replace the nut with 2 thinner nuts jammed together and it'll prevent it from backing off again.

Another issue is glazed pads. this is what happens when other minor issues go ignored, the pads get hot, slip, and glaze - then they slip too much. You just pull al lthe pads and plates out and scuff them up and reinstall. easy peasy.

And finally is preload. as they wear down sometime you gotta re-shim, other things can affect it too, sometimes its wrong from prior owner doing things improperly, but theres a good video here:

Worth watching the video anyway to familiarize with the clutch.

504 can be a rather unfulfilling engine but it's a fine moped. I like sachs a lot but maybe just cuz I've spent a lot of time on em

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