What year is this Yamaha

I have a Yamaha moped I don’t know what year or model it is and I already looked. Also the back rim has some broken spokes and the rim is a little worped, should I ride it how it is?


Re: What year is this Yamaha

That's a Towny, a real rough example of one. Probably around 82. I'd put that thing out to pasture.

Re: What year is this Yamaha

Part it, if rusted those frames are no good. Solid they are a cool bike. That thing has been through the wringer.

Re: What year is this Yamaha

You should not ride that. It looks like it has been super abused and is missong some important parts. If you're trying to part it out I'm sure you could get your money's worth from it and find a better moped.

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