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Hi everyone, first post here. I've been lurking a little trying to understand these little beasts more.

So where I stand I'm about to acquire a vespa grande from my dad who's the original/3rd owner. I rode it and beat it up as a kid, and when my dad told me he was going to take it to the dump I told him I'd take it being sentimental.

Anyway when it was put under the house at a vacation home about 15 years ago it needed fuel line(s) for sure. Which I would appreciate if anyone could tell me what size I need to buy for it.

Also since this thing hasnt been ridden in probably 20 to 25 years what else do I need to inspect before I attempt to start I. I never realized they have a transmission untill I was lurking here so obviously I need to check fluid. Is there anything else that I'm dumb and overlooking before I fire it up when I get it home? (edited)

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Ok so looking at pictures my dad in his short lived attempts to get it running pulled all the plastics and a chain, I'm ASSuming the chain is for the pedals not variator, if so what size chain will it be? Standard bicycle or something else cause in the pictures the chain looks STIFF

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For your information and reading pleasure :

Don't overlook downloading the manuals . ;)

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That's what you want. It is for Ciao/Bravo, but the Grande drive train is nearly identical.

Yes, the chain is a bicycle chain.

For transmission fluid I use 80/90 high pressure gear oil. Get synthetic and it won't smell as bad.

There are basically two special tools you will want from treats: flywheel puller and there is a freewheel wrench. Both are worth the money.

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id pull the covers, take out the petcock and check the tank/frame condition.

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Mike, any updates on your Grande?

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