Piaggio Bravo 1992-1994 electric system

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I have two Piaggo Bravo's. One is 1994 EEV2T with vario, added blinkers and 12v regulator. Second one is 1985 EEM2T without vario but with stock blinkers. I am trying to figure the electrics in there, but i have a problem - i dont know what part is left of HT Coil. I added some photos from 1995 Bravo model. In the 1985 model there is no such part - second photo. There is only blinkers control device (i think this is it). On each of those parts there is the same inscription "i.c.a. s.r.l." - shown on the third photo. Can someone explain what this black box is it for? Can someone have electrical scheme for the 1995 Bravo with regulator and vario?


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have no idea what that is buy whats it connected to?

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First photo shows the wires colours atatched to the black device.

How the wires go:

- green goes to headlamp/horn control switch on steering wheel (second photo)

- first green/black goes from headlamp/horn control switch

- second green/black goes from to the horn

- black goes from black device to headlamp second switch (red circle in last photo)

Im not sure if one of those wires goes to flywheel magneto. Is it possible that this black device is just indicators/horn control device? The moped without this black device has indicators control device - shown in first post, green box. But another moped (the same model as discussed here but with home made indicators) has either indicators control device and the black mysterious device.


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well, does it run? just flip the switch and see what it does. does the moped have turn signals?

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Ok, today i spent some time on that black box. The first picture shows the scheme of wires atatched to the black box. When i detatched whichever wire the horn wasnt working. Lights were good, just the horn out. This moped has turn signals, but they were made by someone, they are not stock. But there is also indicator control device. I guess that this black box is related just to the horn. The other moped (with indicators, but without horn) doesn't have a black box, but have indicators control switch. What is weird is that i cant find any information about this device. It also doesnt occur in any electric schems that i have seen. I think the black box is only in newer 90s versions of Bravo.

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Hello :) After many adventures with my Bravo i finally managed to draw its electric scheme. In my other Bravo, the black box doesn't work so i have to replace it (unfortunately it is extremely hard to find, never seen such part for sell). But i still don't know the function of this box. Seeing the scheme i can imagine that it is some kind of transformer/rectifier, but i don't know that for sure - i'm no good with electic stuff. Does anyone know what it is or has the knowledge to figure that out looking at the scheme?

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Hello, finally i managed to unsolve the mystery of a black box. It is a horn rectifier. It is no longer in production by Piaggio, but sip scootershop produces replacement one. You can also buy a used one. I didn't see it in Bravo models from the 1980s, only in 1990s. I'm not sure if the rectifier gives DC current to the whole electrical system ex. lights, but it looks like it does.

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