Bravo engine options.

Hi everyone.

My 77 bravo needs an engine. No luck finding used and new aftermarket is just way to expensive.

I was thinking of using an engine from a bicycle conversion.

Has anyone tried that?

How about electric?

Part it out?

Looking for any and all suggestions.

Re: Bravo engine options.

If you can't find a OG motor, I'd part it out.

Re: Bravo engine options.

Dirty30 Dillon /

Contact Dos cycles they'll sell you a stock bottom end.

No the bicycle kit won't work easily, especially if you can't rebuild a motor.

Re: Bravo engine options.

Do you not have the motor from it? Or are you just lazy and don't want to rebuild it? Rufus made an electric bravo that used the stock transmission parts. It was not easy nor even close to how cheap a moped build is compared to a mid grade electric set up.

Re: Bravo engine options.

Engines can be had. Ask for one on buy/sell. Even if it needs rebuilt it'll be worth it. You can rebuild a bottom end for 30 bucks or less. 6202c3 bearings, a new crank seal, and you can cut a gasket. It'll be like new. Stock top ends tend to be fine as is for running. Just clean it up. Use some copper spray on the base gasket and on the mating surfaces for the head.

It's not hard to rebuild an engine for cheap. And you don't have to upgrade. You can do all that later.

I wouldn't bother putting a bicycle engine on it. You'll find it complicated and difficult to make work correctly, and by the time you're done spending what you need to do it youd be better off with the stock engine. Besides, it'll likely look terrible and be slow unless you are super good at fabrication, and if you were, you could apply those skills to a stock engine easier.

Just my opinion. Stock engine is the cheapest and best route.

Re: Bravo engine options.

Part of the problem is that I tore the engine down several years ago.

My job changed and I didn't have the time to work on it so I boxed it up.

Over time and getting a garage built I may have misplaced (lost) some of the pieces. Also I know that at least some of the parts (cylinder in particular) are now too rusted to recover and use.

I've already received a reply from another MA member of a refurbed motor that I may go with.

I just need to determine if its worth it overall.

Thanks for all the input.

Re: Bravo engine options.

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Also I know that at least some of the parts (cylinder in particular) are now too rusted to recover and use.

I doubt it, they're cast iron. and pretty indestructable. Break out the 800-1000 grit sandpaper, and smooth it out. Pics of cylinder?

Re: Bravo engine options.

theres nothing like putting a pile of motor together and making it run again, its "worth" the why did u tear it apart in the first place...

Re: Bravo engine options.

Dirty30 Dillon /

Whatever you have lost is replaceable.

Without an actual Vespa motor, you will be unlikely able to find or fabricate a decent functioning and reliable solution in that subframe.

Re: Bravo engine options.

Chris, if you really like your Bravo, it's worth it. Believe me, everyone here has helped me with advice and how to info.

Re: Bravo engine options.

Chris, did ya check out Mike Sweets parts in buy & Sell?

Re: Bravo engine options.

Yep. I was too late.

Re: Bravo engine options.

Me too... 8(

Re: Bravo engine options.

Open up the box where the motor parts are and take some pictures and please post them.

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