Re: 06 Tomos Sprint kickstart Return Spring Mount Problem

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As Mike Sweet said above, putting the kickstart parts together with the spring was the biggest pain in the ass of the entire process.

Getting the kickstart lever hub in place and having to pull the spring back and down a little to get the return pin to go into the little hole was annoying, but then lining up the kickstart shaft to the right position beforehand made the process more difficult.

The best way I found to do it was to line up the flat part of the starter shaft to be on the top, parallel to the ground. Then i would put the lever hub on and make sure the spring fit into the small hole. What I realized is that when the lever hub was mostly on, it could be moved without moving the starter shaft orientation much. Once it was fully pushed in position though, the starter shaft would move with the lever hub due to the friction alone.

Once I put the kickstart lever on the hub, i could pull the hub out (slightly, need to keep the spring in the small hole), rotate the lever and hub, then push it in all the way and use it to rotate the shaft into the right position. The end of the shaft and the end of the hub had a line to indicate when the shaft and hub were aligned that made it very helpful, you can see it in the pictures. Make sure to have a small hammer and the kickstart pin within reach because you will have to hold the kickstart lever in place under resistance until you get the pin in place.

Put the spacer, washer, and nut back on the kickstart pin, and tighten up. Give it a kick and marvel as the kickstarter moves back in place as if possessed. Works great for me, I will update the post if the JB Weld fails or anything else is learned.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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