Re: 06 Tomos Sprint kickstart Return Spring Mount Problem

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Ok update time.

Saabsonettguy, when i first saw your post i wasn't sure what you were talking about, but once I got the cover cleaned up i saw that you were right, that the cover hole had some jagged edges around the inside of the hole where the pin mount may have broken off. The pin was a little smaller than the hole, but since I had bought all the parts anyways, i figured it was worth a shot JB Welding them in, the worst case scenario I would have to buy a new cover.

For time travelers from the future, if you don't have the parts and would rather an easy solution, just buy a new cover off of treats, tomos part number 223472 ($40 as of this post).

If you are like me and bought the parts before realizing it's not an easy fix, or you are really hard up for cash and don't mind the time to try this workaround, the parts I used were

Kickstart stop pin (205-925) $8 on mopedjunkyard

Kickstart spring support ((207-768) $8 on mopedjunkyard

Original JB Weld $6 at Lowes

some scrap leather

optional quick set epoxy

Other tools needed: vise, ball peen hammer, zip ties, something disposable to mix the JB Weld in, popsicle sticks & bamboo skewers to spread JB Weld

First, I measured and cut to size a strip of scrap leather to fit over the widest part of the stop pin so that the pin would fit snug in the hole once assembled. I fit tested it in the cover and it was reall snug but it did fit.

Then I peened over the bike end of the pin with the spring support in place to be extra sure that the pin would stay in this assembly.

Once that was done i used some quick set epoxy I had to glue the leather to the stop pin, and used zip ties to hold the leather in place while it cured. if you don't have any a little JB Weld could be used, will just take longer to cure.

IMG_20190201_102110358 (1).jpg
This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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