06 Tomos Sprint kickstart Return Spring Mount Problem

I was wondering if anybody had a solution to this problem. I was missing a kickstart stop pin on my Tomos Sprint, so I bought one off of Moped Junkyard. Took the cover off, missing the spring support of course. Rinse/repeat, now I have all parts it seems, at least according to the parts diagrams, but I have no idea how the spring support is attached to the side cover. There are no attachment points/holes for screws/bolts/rivets. It doesn't look like the original spring support was welded on either.

Has anyone else had the same issue and figured out a solution? Or does anyone know how the spring support is attached in the first place?


Re: 06 Tomos Sprint kickstart Return Spring Mount Problem

Is that an a35 cover?

I see them broken more often than not, and usually have to buy a whole new cover. Looks like you have everything there where you could clean it up real good and use JB weld. Not JB Kwik or anything less, and wait for the full cure time. It's worth a shot.

You have it oriented correctly. The stopper would slide in from the outside (it actually is supposed to have a rubber stopper on it too), and that half moon piece would get glued against the case in the exact orientation you have it in the first picture. Then you need the return spring. Its a pain in the ass to get it all hooked up especially if you have oil injection, but one end of the tab rests on the metal half moon piece. The other end of the spring slides into the kick start lever itself.

They dont really need the return spring or the stopper to function, but it's nice when they work properly. I have a bike where the kick start lever just dangles off the side, since we havent gotten a cover for it yet.

Re: 06 Tomos Sprint kickstart Return Spring Mount Problem

Thanks for your reply. Yes it is an A35 cover. It's funny, when i didn't get any quick replies I figured if i didn't hear anything i would just de-grime the cover, and JB Weld the bracket and stopper on. It's good to know there isn't a better solution that I am missing. I do have the return spring and rubber stopper as well, just not pictured.

Thankfully this moped doesn't have oil injection, but you are right that it is a pain in the ass to hook all this up after you take the kickstart off, especially in a cold garage when i found out the bracket was missing. I only hope I will go through this whole process one more time.

Do you know how the kickstart stop pin is attached to the bracket originally? Are they welded together? From the one or two blurry pictures I have seen, it looks like the bike side of the pin may be flattened out almost like a rivet to hold it from popping out of the bracket/cover. I may try that before I JB Weld the rest together, just thought I would ask.

Thanks for the help already, I will try to post after pics for other people experiencing the same issue.

Re: 06 Tomos Sprint kickstart Return Spring Mount Problem

I have a functional A35 kickstart right now, so I can try to snag a picture. You're right, there aren't any good pictures online. It was a pain for me to try to figure it out the first time.

The coil return spring has a tab on each end. One end fits into the kickstart lever, the other end rests against the skinny flat part of the tab in your picture. That holds the spring under tension when you kick the lever, it springs back. The real trick is getting the kick starter shaft lined up before you begin, so its in the right position to hammer the dowel pin back, when you have the whole sandwich lined up properly.

Re: 06 Tomos Sprint kickstart Return Spring Mount Problem

The hole in the cover looks too big, I think the part of the cover where the pin goes through has broken off and is missing? The inside of the pin is peened over like a rivet which holds it in place. I think I'd get the whole cover, which should have the pin and already installed.

Re: 06 Tomos Sprint kickstart Return Spring Mount Problem

Ok update time.

Saabsonettguy, when i first saw your post i wasn't sure what you were talking about, but once I got the cover cleaned up i saw that you were right, that the cover hole had some jagged edges around the inside of the hole where the pin mount may have broken off. The pin was a little smaller than the hole, but since I had bought all the parts anyways, i figured it was worth a shot JB Welding them in, the worst case scenario I would have to buy a new cover.

For time travelers from the future, if you don't have the parts and would rather an easy solution, just buy a new cover off of treats, tomos part number 223472 ($40 as of this post).

If you are like me and bought the parts before realizing it's not an easy fix, or you are really hard up for cash and don't mind the time to try this workaround, the parts I used were

Kickstart stop pin (205-925) $8 on mopedjunkyard

Kickstart spring support ((207-768) $8 on mopedjunkyard

Original JB Weld $6 at Lowes

some scrap leather

optional quick set epoxy

Other tools needed: vise, ball peen hammer, zip ties, something disposable to mix the JB Weld in, popsicle sticks & bamboo skewers to spread JB Weld

First, I measured and cut to size a strip of scrap leather to fit over the widest part of the stop pin so that the pin would fit snug in the hole once assembled. I fit tested it in the cover and it was reall snug but it did fit.

Then I peened over the bike end of the pin with the spring support in place to be extra sure that the pin would stay in this assembly.

Once that was done i used some quick set epoxy I had to glue the leather to the stop pin, and used zip ties to hold the leather in place while it cured. if you don't have any a little JB Weld could be used, will just take longer to cure.

IMG_20190201_102110358 (1).jpg

Re: 06 Tomos Sprint kickstart Return Spring Mount Problem

Once the epoxy on the leather had cured i removed the zip ties and mixed up the JB Weld. i spread a very thin layer on the leather, knowing that most of it would be scraped off, then fit the pin and support into place. I then used as much JB Weld that I could to try to hold everything in place, making sure to pack it in between the spring support and the cover and removing and eliminate any air bubbles.

I also filled in the gaps on the front of the cover between the cover, pin, and leather.

I made sure to fit it up to make sure that the support bracket was in the right orientation to not rub or get in the way of the starter shaft. The raised stability ridges on the inside of the cover that run on either side of the support bracket also help to visually ensure that he bracket is in the right position, the ridges and support bracket sides should be parallel.


Re: 06 Tomos Sprint kickstart Return Spring Mount Problem

After waiting a day for the JB Weld to cure, I placed the kickstart return spring in position, with the parallel spring arm pointing down and against the sring support, and the perpendicular spring arm sticking out of the cover.

I then reattached the cover and put the rubber stopper on the pin.


Re: 06 Tomos Sprint kickstart Return Spring Mount Problem

As Mike Sweet said above, putting the kickstart parts together with the spring was the biggest pain in the ass of the entire process.

Getting the kickstart lever hub in place and having to pull the spring back and down a little to get the return pin to go into the little hole was annoying, but then lining up the kickstart shaft to the right position beforehand made the process more difficult.

The best way I found to do it was to line up the flat part of the starter shaft to be on the top, parallel to the ground. Then i would put the lever hub on and make sure the spring fit into the small hole. What I realized is that when the lever hub was mostly on, it could be moved without moving the starter shaft orientation much. Once it was fully pushed in position though, the starter shaft would move with the lever hub due to the friction alone.

Once I put the kickstart lever on the hub, i could pull the hub out (slightly, need to keep the spring in the small hole), rotate the lever and hub, then push it in all the way and use it to rotate the shaft into the right position. The end of the shaft and the end of the hub had a line to indicate when the shaft and hub were aligned that made it very helpful, you can see it in the pictures. Make sure to have a small hammer and the kickstart pin within reach because you will have to hold the kickstart lever in place under resistance until you get the pin in place.

Put the spacer, washer, and nut back on the kickstart pin, and tighten up. Give it a kick and marvel as the kickstarter moves back in place as if possessed. Works great for me, I will update the post if the JB Weld fails or anything else is learned.


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