Tomos sprint wont start

So yesterday i bought a 94 tomos sprint with some go fast kit on it, rode it around even, ran fine. It got its handlebars taken off, and then drained of gas and laid on its side for the car ride home (approx 10 hrs).

I pull out of the car this morning and theres a lil puddle of oil, makes sense, theyre not supposed to lay down.

so i get the bike back together and change the oil, i filled it with Castrol full synthetic 10w30, dump in some gas, and the bike wont kick over, when i kick it, it rumbles, but doesnt catch and start.

throttle is sticky too, the return spring came loose.


all i wanted to do was rip around and now this :<

Re: Tomos sprint wont start

Video of what it's doing?

Re: Tomos sprint wont start

You really didn't expect anything different did you ? LOL

Maybe the float valve is stuck closed .

Re: Tomos sprint wont start

Throttle being messed up is probably it. Is the choke clicking off when throttle is held more open?

Dirt in the tank, may have clogged the valve,but I doubt it.

Re: Tomos sprint wont start

trying to fix this throttle now, the return spring is ALL kinds of jacked up in there, no wonder. cant figure out how to get the tube off to fix it?

pix in a bit

heres that vidoo

Re: Tomos sprint wont start

so this


trying to get it apart to fix and understand this

Re: Tomos sprint wont start

lol fuk

choke spring was donkus. just wouldnt pop open. popped it open. bike works great

mopeds and futility for all and for all a thanks for the help

Re: Tomos sprint wont start

Very good! Enjoy and ride like yer invisible.

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