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Hello everyone,

I just got my flywheel off and the whole thing cleaned the best I could and when I put it back on and tried to start it, it wouldn't start. I think I had the points wrong, but I believe in attempting to get it to start, I flooded it. After leaving it for a while and messing with the points, I got it to run fine, but after I possibly flooded it, I saw a drop of fuel come from the cylinder. I found a weird little hole under the cylinder, I know it's supposed to be there as I've done a bit of research and found pictures with it in them, but my question is what is this hole for and where does it lead. I'm assuming it has something to do with flooding the cylinder, like maybe an overflow or something attached to the decomp if that makes any plausible sense. If anyone knows, it would be much appreciated as I'm very curious. Thanks.

Re: Sachs 505 Question

It's for the decomp.

Re: Sachs 505 Question

Post a pic of the questioned hole .

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it's the outlet for the decomp. if you have the decomp valve still attached it's totally normal that that would drip after starting since the valve should be open and venting out that whole while you're pulling the starter lever. If that drips much while running though or you can feel anything come outta there when not pulling the starter, it's leaking. easy common fix to just plug it with a bolt. look up 505 performance in the wiki here, scroll down theres a section on plugging decomp.

Re: Sachs 505 Question

Awesome, thanks for the replies.

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