Fuel & Top End Issue

Hi all.

New here. I recently bought a moped because I would like to mod it out into one fast ass moving moped.

But first its consuming a ton of fuel and and at 50 mph it starts choking, losing power and eventually just dies. I have to wait a few before I can start it up again.

I should probably mention I'm absolutely new to the moped world, however I do know my basics.

Here we go.... Its a 2012 Gomoto (chinese brand) 150cc.

-Spark plug changed

-Carburetor cleaned & tuned.

-Fuel line replaced (had a tear in it) with fuel filter.

-Air filter replaced

-Oil replaced

Taking this project on to learn and experience along with some great fun. If anyone has any suggestion, please feel free, thanks.

Re: Fuel & Top End Issue

My suggestion is to take your questions to a scooter forum. This forum is primarily for pedal assisted, 2 stroke, vintage mopeds, not scooters.

Re: Fuel & Top End Issue

RIP Soul /
rip OP

I see, thanks.

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