Remove broken bolt

So i was installing a clutch bell seal on my vespa so loosened the engine screws so I can slide the engine and remove the belt and clutch bell. When everything was set I proceed to sliding the engine back to its ideal position but it seems I went full retard with the mounting screw and snapped the head off. I like to think that since everything in this engine is original it was bound to happen...or not.

Anyway . I found a set of Speed Out drill bits at home but that doesnt seem to work either. Suggestions?


Re: Remove broken bolt

You might try hack sawing a slot in the remaining 'bolt' and backing it out .

Re: Remove broken bolt

^id usee the dremel w the small cutting disc to cut the slot, torch some heat, back off and get a good hardened bolt to replace.

Re: Remove broken bolt

That's the easiest bolt to remove you got lucky.

The back is open, so just center punch the backside and drill it from the back with a regular drill bit. It will spin out the front

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