Old Riverside MBK telescopic forks

My old forks (circa 1959, av88, rebadged as Ward's Riverside) are full of about 11 different kinds of grease, cow shit and mud. All 'vintage'. Anybody ever come up with a shade tree mechanic equivalent to the "bushing extractor" in the repair manual (pic)?

Not looking to buy a new tool. I tried using the recoil spring off an old weed whip coupled alongside a 2 foot 3/8 socket extension and also alongside an old lady's foot fulcrum bar. It grabs but they won't come free. Looks like there's roundabout 6 different pieces inside the fork (other pic).

Anybody ever bother going to this level of detail in a rebuild? Just douche it out and move forward?

Digging any response I can get, thanks!



Re: Old Riverside MBK telescopic forks

If you're real intent on getting them apart , I'd try capping on end of the tubes and filling them with brake cleaner or maybe carb chem dip or something strong like those . Let them soak for a good while . Then maybe they'll be a bit more likely to come out .

Re: Old Riverside MBK telescopic forks

I'm not "real" intent about getting them apart, just being prudent. If I clean them out good enough to make space for the new grease = good enough for space flight?

Re: Old Riverside MBK telescopic forks

Are the seals good enough to hold kerosene ?

If so put them together . Mount and compress them . While compressed , fill with kerosene . Then release and cap .

Ride around for a few days , letting the kerosene work its magic of cleaning parts .

It should provide enough lube for that short period .

Then drain , tear the forks apart , clean and 'lube' appropriately .

Short of that^ , I'd still cap an end and fill with something stout enough and let it soak for a few days . Might help if you could somehow shake the tubes around every once in a while , during the soak .

Re: Old Riverside MBK telescopic forks

Good advice, thanks for the details.

Not sure what they would hold as far kerosene or other solvents would go. There things haven't been changed since it rolled off the factory floor. Are replacement pieces available?

Re: Old Riverside MBK telescopic forks

Parts ? You might try http://www.myronsmopeds.com/category/parts/wards-riverside-parts/

Or some of the other moped shops . They probably wouldn't have specific listings , so you should write them about whatever you're looking for .

If you're good at fabricating , that could go a long way .

One of the best things about old machines is you can make something that works and you'll likely be the only one that knows any difference . ;)

Re: Old Riverside MBK telescopic forks

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

FYI. Look for a date code on the carb. It’s probably a 1963 or 1964 model. From what i gathered in researching mine when i got it, 1959 had a different style of forks.

That 1959 that you see has more to do with a french “patent” date than a production date. Is the headlight rectangular or round? If it’s rectangular it’s surely a 64.

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