lights on suzuki fa50

mark patterson /

Im so confused. I was going to replace my blinker bulbs on my suzuki fa50 and when I took out the ones that were in it they were 12v23 watt idk if whoever replaced them just didnt know what they were doing or if this is alright to do? Im looking at the part list and it calls for 6v 8watt bulbs. Any one know what I should replace them with and where I can buy some? Thanks.

Re: lights on suzuki fa50

Jack Rutherford /

12v will work but just not as bright.

Re: lights on suzuki fa50

The turn signal bulb listed in the '86 and '91 manuals is a 6V 17W.

If using a 12V bulb in a 6V system you double the watts needed. Ohm's law and all that.

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