Odd horn-ignition problem

Pinto 2 puch e50

almost everything runs great but while the engine is running if i disconnect ether side of the horn (pos or neg) the engine shuts down. the reason for the disconnect is the horn sounds odd popping or I hear the lighting coil. Anyone know what the fix for this is or does it need a new horn?


Re: Odd horn-ignition problem

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

On a puch the ground side of the igition circuit travels through the horn. To eliminate the horn you must attach the two horn wires together, which is the function of the normally closed horn switch.

Re: Odd horn-ignition problem

A normally closed switch on a horn is contrary to any thing (car or truck) I've ever worked on. What kind of warped mind came up with this.

Re: Odd horn-ignition problem

It is whack as hell, which, combined with the fact that the horn is not loud enough to be heard in traffic anyway, is why it's the first (and sometimes only) thing I remove on a Puch. I think it's because they needed a 12v coil to power it, and the only 12v coil is the ignition coil.

Re: Odd horn-ignition problem

Richard Eberline /

Bad horn, buy or try another. You can bypass the horn 2 ways.

Like stated above or at the wiring terminal area.

OEM Coils are 6 Volt AC on a Puch Maxi.

Re: Odd horn-ignition problem

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Re: Odd horn-ignition problem

I got it all working perfect and the horn works well. Ill do a write up on how I did it as soon as my back mellows some.

Re: Odd horn-ignition problem

When the horn is completely down on the Puch/Bosch ignition replace the horn with a working unit...or... ground the lead as Puch horns work on the ground side of the ignition.

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