Tomos A55 output bearing 6006-C3

Replaced bearing with aftermarket 6006C-3 grade anyone know we're I can get OEM 6006 output bearing from Tomos?

Re: Tomos A55 output bearing 6006-C3

what brand bearing came out?

what brand bearing did you put in?

Re: Tomos A55 output bearing 6006-C3

C3 isn't a grade it specifies clearance. C3 is a clearance specification one class larger than "C Normal" (sometimes referred to as "C0" in deep groove radial ball bearings).(edited)

Re: Tomos A55 output bearing 6006-C3

no expert here but, lets say your trying to differentiate quality between a bazillion different bearings....hmmmm.... you might get together and "grade" them for the market.

op installed c3 . C3 is on the abec scale, 1,3,5,7, or C1, C3,C5, C7 or abec1, etc. runout clearance scale. higher no. equals tighter tolerances.

then theres the just ball bearing roundness scale, graded in mil of in. smaller no. equals better grade. 0 - 1000.

anyways for the output shaft your c3 is plenty good. id worry about sealing it up to avoid the black wheel of death. gotta have spacer triangle shaped o-ring. a clean spacer, new seal, and that fancy nut w seal inside all gooped together w your clean sprocket.

Re: Tomos A55 output bearing 6006-C3

C2 : Clearance smaller as CN

CN (C0) : Normal clearance

C3 : Clearance bigger than CN

C4 : Clearance bigger than C3

MC : Only miniature bearings clearance

[um] = thousandths of a millimeter


Re: Tomos A55 output bearing 6006-C3


Does internal clearance affect the bearing precision (C3 vs. P3)?

C3 is an internal clearance, or the amount of internal free space between the rolling elements and the raceways of a bearing. P3 does not exist. P6 is an ISO tolerance class equivalent to ABEC-3, or the accuracy the bearing is manufactured to. Clearance does not affect tolerance and tolerance does not affect clearance.

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^^i knew i didnt know what i was blubberin about.^^

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> pat splat Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> ^^i knew i didnt know what i was blubberin about.^^

It gets worse!

Don’t confuse bearing internal clearance with bearing precision. Precision is the dimensional and running accuracy for manufacture of the bearing. It does not influence the initial or unmounted bearing internal clearance. The ISO (ANSI/AFBMA) tolerance standardizes bearing precision. Besides the “Normal” tolerance class, some bearings are produced to high precision such as that of ISO P5 (ANSI/AFBMA ABEC 5 or RBEC 5) tolerance.

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so on top of precision and clearance is manufacturers and "quality"

so to answer your question on OEM Jim:

whatever brand Tomos used for the bearing would technically be the "OEM" - the bearing being the original equipment and the manufacturer being the manufacturer of the bearing.

they chose that bearing company for a certain reason. we may not know why.

as far as specs:

they also chose that spec for a reason. whatever spec bearing came out is the spec bearing to put in, unless you have a better idea.

that being said, i agree with pat that IF the spec was cn, the c3 will probably not be a deal breaker and your bike will most likely go down the road without tragedy.

you can get away with other specs, but probably not all, depends on application.

now because there is a spec, you can certainly use other brands, thats the whole market of it. OEM, in my book, usually applies to a part that was made by a manufacturer who no longer makes it, but has authorized a company or companies to produce it to their spec.

tomos didn't spec out the 6006, it already existed, and they chose a tolerance and precision and manufacturer that met their application.

so you could go with a cheap lesser quality controlled bearing that is made to the same spec, or a higher quality bearing made to the same spec.

see how treats lists their 6006-c3 with a tomos oem # ? but lists a bunch of brands that might be in stock.

ebay and amazon also sell bearings

and vxb along with a buncha other spots.

good luck!

Re: Tomos A55 output bearing 6006-C3

Like the treat ad says, SKF, Nachi, or FAG are good brands of quality bearings. Watch out for counterfeits though.

Re: Tomos A55 output bearing 6006-C3

Double Trouble Dan /

Don't forget Dunlop standard. Great bearings , good value.

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