Need help w/ 2003 GEELY 'fashion" 49cc starter issue

I am located in northern New Jersey. I am a total newbie to mopeds. My Geely moped starts every time with the Kick start,but the ELECTRIC START BUTTON is DEAD.

Im assuming that I need a new starter motor. Can anyone help me with the part that I need? I cannot find a GEELY dealer to help me.

thanks to all

Mike S.

Re: Need help w/ 2003 GEELY 'fashion" 49cc starter issue

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

Mike, this is a vintage, two stroke, pedal assist, moped site. What you have is a Chinese scooter. You'd be better served on a Chinese scooter site.

FWIW.,,. Sounds like you have a dead battery, not a starter motor issue.(edited)

Re: Need help w/ 2003 GEELY 'fashion" 49cc starter issue

That^ or simply bad connections .

Re: Need help w/ 2003 GEELY 'fashion" 49cc starter issue

Almost never is it the starter motor. assuming you've done due diligence and checked the battery has charge (should be under the floorboards) - do not skip checking this! besides being likeliest cause, the batteries that come from Geely are craaaaaappppy... you can fight with them fro replacements and maybe get a free new battery but it's gonna also be crappy. much better is to just get a decent new battery. again though only if it's got no charge.

Next most likely is the starter relay. check out wiring diagrams, locate the starter relay (follow the heavy gauge wires lined back from the starter motor)

you can check if that's failed by jumper across the heavy wires CAREFULLY

finally, what you've got is a Chinese scooter, specifically a 139QMB motor, commonl called GY6 50. that'll get you whatever parts you need on ebay. gy650 starter? relay? easy.

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