Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

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> I'm going to slash your expenditures.

oh, super awesome. thanks!

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Rebuilt the carb, installed a new filter element in the stock housing, new spark plug, fresh gas, fresh oil. It'll start, rev up a lot then die if the choke is on. Ran out of time trying to figure it out for today. At least it runs

One thing, I can't figure out where this rubber nipple just left of center came from. I only removed the carburetter, so it had to come from there (edited)

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

You do know that the choke is meant for starting purposes , right ?

Once even slightly warmed it should be brought closer to closed and not used at all when fully warmed .

The nipple is not an OEM carb part .

carb fiche

Maybe a PO used it to block a vent or drain ???

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

oh, yes.

I just meant that it won't run for long even when fully choked. I see the confusion based on my post.

I'm going to drop the exhaust next. it seems like there's a ton of oil getting combusted... or is just soaked into every bit of the engine and exhaust...

Are there other things I need to worry about? Perhaps some turns of the carb screws that I'm missing?

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

I don't recall if you have a service manual or not .

Here's a link : Google selection .

Take your pick .

As for the carb adjustments , the best place to start is set them as close to factory as possible . Check the manual .

Exhaust : Cheap dollar store oven cleaner works pretty good for me . Fill the pipe and let it work a while . Rinse with the garden hose and repeat .

Your pipe will end up clean as new , inside . ;)

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

yeah, I have it set to 1 3/4 turns out per the manual. I tried a full 2 and a half turns. doesn't really specify idle settings though.

I assume backing it out more = higher idle speed?

I have a new MLM Circuit pipe to put on it. I just wanted to try to get it running with the factory pipe first so not to foul the new pipe.

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Idle / Throttle stop screw : IN for higher RPMs as it pushes the slide higher .

Air screw should be set to spec if the intake system is stock . If otherwise , you simply have to adjust for differences .

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

I removed my 'charcoal air filter' and backed the idle screw all the way out first then started dialing it in. I have to leave it fully choked and it's smoking everywhere. I feel like I should probably drop the exhaust as it's just spewing oil.

I'm pretty impressed considering I barely did anything to get it running. I didn't want to risk riding it so I just let it run for about 5-10 minutes... smoking out my neighborhood... :/

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

It's suppose to have an open cell foam filter .

No filter would likely require full choke or close to it for the added amount of air .

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Yeah, I had cut up an old charcoal filter to fit... but I noticed it is VERY 'dusty'... with charcoal... because it's a charcoal filter. So I removed it because I don't want charcoal dust in the engine. I also was worried it had ZERO air flow.

Trying to find an OEM filter for it locally now (or at least some open cell foam I can cut to fit that won't shed foam into the engine.) The carb was filled with foam sludge when I removed it. I tried to find a breather filter from an auto parts store to stick on it, but no one had one the right size in stock and I didn't want to pay $25 for one on Amazon when the stock filter is like $6.

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Find a fabric store . They should have foam in various configurations . Buy 1" thick , if you can , and cut to fit . Pillow foam .

To make sure it's what you want , hold the foam to your mouth and breath through it .

Air should flow fairly easily , without a lot of restriction . It can be lightly oiled , but doesn't need to be .

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Great insight PD. There's a fabric warehouse by my job. iam gonna have look one of these days .

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Just rode up and down the street. Goes really good. Gotta swap the exhaust on it, replace the tires and sell it

Brakes are fine. Transmission goes good.

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Tightened up the headset. Tried the other exhaust on it, I don't like it. Swapped it back to stock instead. If anyone wants an MLM Circuit Exhaust, $120 shipped.

Got it up to 20. Felt strong, then it died and wouldn't stay running... what's next to check? (it might have legit run out of gas... I think I just splashed it with fuel)

I think I might still be getting too much oil into the engine and it's running too rich. I might do the block off plate next. (edited)

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Did u upjet when u put the mlm on? I assume not...that's why u didn't like it...

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

I didn't like how loud it was for what I was doing with this bike.

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