Suzuki FA50 rescue.

So I just got a trashpick FA50 in exchange for working on a guys Honda PA50-II.

Here's what I've found so far:

missing keys

tons of oil shooting out of the exhaust when I kick it over

headset is super loose

Brakes are shot

seat doesn't latch

there's like a long hose that goes nowhere from the seat... (you can see it in the photo)

Not sure where to start first. Is there an easy way to bypass the ignition so I don't need to have new keys cut?

After that, figure I need to drain the oil from the engine and muffler, flush the fuel tank and carb, recharge the battery, do a compression test, drain and fill the transmission oil, tighten the headset, replace the brake shoes... see if I can get it running and then maybe put a bigger cylinder kit on it with some kind of expansion chamber.

I'd ideally like to replace the front shock with something static or better for my weight... and maybe get a better rear shock/spring. Replace the dry rotted tires...


Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

As I suggested in your other thread :

"Just try all your other keys from just about every other lock or ignition .

You might just find one that will work .

I had the same situation when I bought my FA50 . Turned out a Yamaha key works perfectly ."

You'll have to pull the exhaust to clean it , so , also pull the head and cylinder and inspect .

Brakes are a weak point on FA50s . Maybe pull and clean or just replace the shoes and de-rust the drums .

I have no idea what that long hose might be good for .

And , the seat does not latch . It simply sits on the two round black cushions , which rest on the cross piece over the tanks .

The CDI is located under the plastic tank cover plate .

You might pull that plate and check that all the lines are copacetic .

I see it's very low on injector oil . That might have something to do with the long hose , but ???

Post a closer pic of the carb from the left side .

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

I THINK the long hose is the battery breather now that I'm looking at the manual.

what kind of keys can I try?

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Keys : double sided works in my FA50 .

The blank would look like :

Just have a bunch in hand and start fitting . If they slid in nicely , then keep trying that type key . Once you find a key that goes in fairly easily , spray some lube in the hole and work the key in and out until smooth function happens . Wiggle the keys around in the slot , as the tumblers may be a bit sticky from non-use .

If you're lucky , you might just have one that works . ;)

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Is this accurate: I can just pull the ignition switch entirely and the engine will run? I just won't have lights or a kill switch?,3871166

I just pulled the cylinder assembly out (I don't have any keys that fit this cylinder) and I'm trying to find the code that I could use to have a new key cut here -

how do I get the cylinder out of the assembly though?

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Jack Rutherford /

I don't know about the FA50 put Yamaha puts the key code on the ignition cylinder and key and you don't have to pull the ignition cylinder. Honda just puts it on the key. Suzuki may just put it on the key and not the cylinder.

shoot an email to - they may know (edited)

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

would it be 3 digits or maybe 1 letter and 2 digits? there's both stamped on mine. 317 and T24

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Maybe try calling a Suzuki dealer .

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Jack Rutherford /

progress is slow on that restore

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

I rerouted the battery breather hose, removed the ignition switch to identify the key stamping and put some air in the tires to make it easier to lug around.

I also started reading the manual and wiring diagrams so that I can create a jumper cables for ignition and kill switch in the meantime.

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Ordered keys today.

Looking for exhausts.

Need to go buy a ramp so I can load it into my truck to bring to the garage at night to work on.

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

> Jared Robinson Wrote:

> Need to go buy a ramp...

They've got ramps at Home Depot in the lumber section. I believe they call them 2 x 10's.

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

I would suggest new tyres before getting a new exhaust.

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

well, I want to get the motor running first. Tires are easy and cheap. I can get that going in a minute.

The current pipe seems to be full of sludge and oil... it shot all over my patio when I tried to give it a little kick the other day to see if it was turning over...

If it's a total basketcase, I don't want to waste money. Right now just waiting for the key... but it's also supposed to snow 4" today... so... this might need to find a home in a garage soon.

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

yeah, but I'm fuckin fancy. I want those lightweight foldable ones :D

I'm borrowing some right now, but I could use one for my truck to load my snowblower in and out if need be. Wood sucks to use for a ramp when it's wet and snowing.

The decent Harbor Freight ones are like $90. To make one out of wood wouldn't be considerably less if I put cleats on it for traction and hinged it properly so I could store it in my bed... and it would be considerably heavier.

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Dirty30 Dillon /

Just lift it, it only weighs like 100 pounds.

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

my truck is kinda tall.

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

For the key,

the previous owner of my FA50 had two extra keys cut so he could split it with his brother. The key code is HD57, I see some suggestions already but the barcode scan for one of my new cut keys is 0-29069-70667-8. The duplicate keys I have are the identical shape to the original FA50 one I use so its worth mentioning, but any good lock smith should be able to make a key from a cylinder (I think)

eBay (Mine are these exact keys with the same branding) : eBay HD57 Key

Edit: Saw you already ordered your keys. (edited)

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Bit of a gauge , that^ HD57 blank @ $15.48 .

A dollar forty eight should be about right .

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

yep, came in and works! that was easy.

Just ordered a new MLM Circuit Exhaust for it from someone here.

It snowed last night so I need to find some garage space so I can get it running... or stick it in my storage unit until it thaws out.

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Picked up some truck ramps (Harbor Freight is allowing their 20% off coupon on ramps for once!)

Nothing new today. Had to clean out my truck and it's like 35 degrees out...

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

> Jared Robinson Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Picked up some truck ramps (Harbor Freight is allowing their 20% off

> coupon on ramps for once!)


> Nothing new today. Had to clean out my truck and it's like 35 degrees

> out...

I recall 35° . It's only going to reach 72° here today . I have to finish washing a motor home , so it shouldn't be too bad . ;)

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

ordering up some parts today

Carb rebuild kit, exhaust gasket, spark plug... nothing fancy. Might try to find an ultrasonic cleaner to dunk the carb into

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

> Jared Robinson Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> ordering up some parts today


> Carb rebuild kit, exhaust gasket, spark plug... nothing fancy. Might try

> to find an ultrasonic cleaner to dunk the carb into

Don't discard the OEM jets . I use brake cleaner and compressed air for cleaning carbs . Works great . Just make sure all passages are clear .

I quit buying carb kits a very long time ago .

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

I'll hold onto my jets. ;)


Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

> Jared Robinson Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I'll hold onto my jets. ;)


> /dadjoke

I see what you did there . LOL

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Oh, any tricks to tightening up the headset?

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

> Jared Robinson Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Oh, any tricks to tightening up the headset?

If you meant the head nuts / bolts , always use an X pattern ( 1-3-2-4 type thing ) , multiple times until torqued to spec .

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

So, I decided to set up a budget BEFORE I continue buying stuff.

My total budget is $400 (I can't imagine selling it for more than $400)

Probably shouldn't have bought the exhaust, but whatever. Didn't need it. Probably shouldn't shop when I'm high :D

Not all the parts on my list are entirely necessary, just collecting parts and price information.

I think my goal right now is get it running, ride it around, clean it up and flip it for something bigger that can handle my size.

Re: Suzuki FA50 rescue.

Jack Rutherford /

I'm going to slash your expenditures.

Tires - go to and get the kenda 14" tires for $30 a pair - probably $15 to ship. savings - $25

do your tubes still hold air? if so keep them. Bike shop owner told me that new tubes have less rubber than tubes made back in the day and are less resistant to punctures.

savings $16

Check the current rim strips and consider free substitutes. Duct tape works

savings $4

air filter - measure diameter of carb where air filter connects and get a cone mesh filter off ebay. $8 - savings $12 -

screw the reeds - waste of $20

front and rear brake pads for fa50 are $11.35 a pair shipped, savings $17

measure diameter of oil pump where it enters engine - you can get an automotive freeze plug for at most $5 instead of block off. savings $8 example

savings $102

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