Welding engine damage magneto?

Hi everyone I was going to weld a nut on to a Brocken stud to extract it (broken manifold bolt) . Just wanted to check, would welding cause any electrical damage to the magneto at all? I’ve removed the little ignition coil type thing from the top of the frame/engine. Any help is much appreciated, cheers Luke

Re: Welding engine damage magneto?

It never has to any of mine.

Re: Welding engine damage magneto?

That’s great thanks

Re: Welding engine damage magneto?

Unlikely to damage a magneto- they are just coils of copper wire around a laminated steel core.

However, be careful of all 'electronic' bits. Regulators, rectifiers, flasher relays etc. They can all be damaged by high voltage spikes that can occur when using a welder. Not sure what your particular moped might have, if in doubt, disconnect and remove it if possible.

Re: Welding engine damage magneto?

Dirty30 Dillon /

Mount your welder's ground as close to the point as you can.

If you have a Katia which is kinda electronic heavy compared to early Garelli's, make sure the CDI/electronic bits are disconnected.

Re: Welding engine damage magneto?

Thanks for the replies guys. It is a Katia. I have removed the engine so the only thing i’m Aware of is the magneto and all the points etc within it. I will try and remove as much as I can and follow the advice here

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